What we do

Lutherans for Life (LFL) seeks to:

  • educate and equip Lutherans in Australia and NZ with resources that enable them to defend the dignity of every human life, from conception until natural death; and
  • foster community responsibility for the defense of God's gift of human life, especially those whose life others would categorise as unwanted, lacking quality, worthless or otherwise dispensable.

How do we do this?

  • through this website, which provides information and resources for you to use and adapt to your local setting
  • through our biannual newsletter Life News, which goes out to every pastor and parish of the LCA, as well as to individual subscribers
  • through our Facebook page where we share articles, videos and other resources of interest
  • through our annual dinner for graduating pastors of the LCA, where we speak about the work of LFL and encourage them in their future ministry
  • by providing or recommending speakers upon request, and running conferences or other events.

In addition to the above, LFL seeks to support other organisations in Australia with goals similar to ours.